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Monitor Calibration Wizard
Problem: Part of the interface does not appear within the window. The right and bottom edges get cut off.
Solution:   You are using a large DPI setting, like 120. Monitor Calibration Wizard was not designed for use in environments that use large DPI. Monitor Calibration Wizard was designed at 96 DPI.

Temporarily change you DPI to 96 in order to get a calibration with Monitor Calibration Wizard. This can be done by doing the following:
- right click on your desktop
- choose "properties"
- click on the "setup" tab
- click the "advanced" button
- under the DPI setting, select 96 instead of your current DPI (most likely 120).

After getting a profile created, you can set your DPI back to what it was. It only causes a visual problem and does not affect how Monitor Calibration Wizard operates.
Problem: Monitor Calibration Wizard is unable to set the color profile used by Windows. No matter what settings you try. You are unable to apply any profiles.
Solution:   Monitor Calibration Wizard requires a feature called a loadable gamma ramp in order to set a color profile. The generic drivers supplied by Windows generally doesn't support this feature. Because of this, you should download the newest drivers for your video card or at least install the drivers that were supplied with your video card.

It's also important to realize Windows will not except every gamma ramp setting, if your profile is very bright or very dark, Windows may just ignore the profile.

There are some versions of drivers that have conflicts with the Windows API calls used by Monitor Calibration Wizard. This includes ATI Catalyst 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, and 4.5 versions of drivers offered on ATI's web site. ATI has now fixed the problem with the 4.6 version of their Catalyst drivers. There are a few workarounds for this if you are using one of the affected drivers:
  • Install ATI's Catalyst 4.6 or later version of video drivers [Driver Download Page]
  • Install Catalyst 4.1 or earlier drivers from ATI [Download Page] (Scroll down to the 4.1 or earlier versions).
  • Install the Omega version of the ATI drivers, for Catalyst 4.4 or later [Omega Site]
  • Install ATI's hotfix for the problem. [Download Page]

If you have a problem with Monitor Calibration Wizard, please email me at: support@hex2bit.com and include "Monitor Calibration Wizard" in the subject line of your email so I can serve you better. In your message please provide a detailed description of the problem, any relative information, and if possible the steps you took to cause the problem. Thank you!

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