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Web Graphics

Experience | Graphics Examples

  • Over 4 years experience developing graphics for web sites.
  • Knowledgeable on both raster and vector based graphics as well as their appropriate uses in web design.
  • Familiar with many graphics applications such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Fireworks, Freehand, and some 3D modeling tools such as Carrara.
Graphics Examples:

Logo used for my software, under the name Hex2Bit. This logo is an animated GIF developed with Macromedia Fireworks.

Click on the animated logo to view the large logo, developed using Fireworks, Kvek (to convert raster to vector), and Paint Shop Pro.

Here is a few 3D models I created with Carrara for a 3D modeling class.

The first image is a table with a light source and some textures.

The second image is a 3D rendering of a mech (inspired by the game Mechwarrior). The background is a graphic from the web, not my own. This scene depicts a fight between two mechs (one not visible). The mech shown is firing chain guns while 2 missiles from another mech nearly miss the mech.

The third image is of a glass of pop. Read the pop can, it's kind of humorous, and yes there are some typos on their too.

A saxophone I created using Freehand 8 as a vector based project for a computer graphics art class.