About Myself

- C++
- Java
- Visual Basic

Website Design
- Site design
- Web graphics
- Multimedia

Video Production

Web Design

Experience | ASP | Cold Fusion | JSP | DHTML

  • Over 4 years experience developing web sites incorporating HTML and JavaScript.
  • Over 2 years combine experience developing dynamic web sites incorporating databases with several languages such as ASP, Cold Fusion, and JSP.
  • Over 2 years experience developing databases for web sites, using MS Access and MS SQL Server.
  • Experience with DHTML, including differences between browsers and versions, such as NS4, NS6, and IE.

Hex2Bit is the site I use to show off my software. Hex2Bit uses ASP to connect to a MS Access database, used to track downloads, page counters, support message boards, and keep track of user review scores.

Cannon Bluffs

This is a mockup website I created for Cannon Bluffs. This site is mostly design, not really much use of ASP. This is the complete mockup, except I've left off all of the photos as there are a lot of images to maintain and they are not necessary to demonstrate the design aspects of the site.

Update: Cannon Bluffs in now using this design for their site, you can check it out at: http://www.cannonbluffs.com/

Cold Fusion:
While working at Mayo, one of my major tasks was to develop and maintain the website for the HBA section of MICS. This task required me to learn Cold Fusion, design a useful website, provide support, and create tools that would be used by the section. Through this I learned Cold Fusion while on the job, plus I received formal education on Cold Fusion.

Web tools for our section required us to develop databases to support the tools as well as some internal Java tools to perform remote tasks. The main database used was Microsoft SQL Server.

My current interest and development is in JSP. At the moment a small group including myself are developing a commercial website in JSP. This website includes a very large database we developed, many tools used to manage the database, and performance demands due to the nature of the site. We chose to develop in Java technology because of the flexibility and performance offered for the price.

GUI Example

This is an example of my DHTML skills. This demo demonstrates a GUI style interface to a web site. It supports "icons", and a "window" to hold the page content. The icons can be dragged around and follow links when clicked. The window can be maximized, be in normal size, or be minimized. When the window is not maximized, with will be sized and positioned to not block any of the icons. This example also supports cookies so the state is saved. This has been tested on NS4, NS6, and IE 5, and it wasn't easy getting it to work with all of them.