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Video Production

Experience | Video Production | Video Tools | Video Codecs | Video Examples

  • Experienced in video production with applications such as Adobe Premiere.
  • Familiar with video tools for conversion and editing between different formats, such as AVI and Mpeg.
  • Knowledgeable of most popular video codecs such as Mpeg, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, Indeo, Quicktime formats, Divx, and final formatting to web based formats such as Real Video or Windows Media Video.
Video Production:
Adobe Premiere

The video production application I use the most is Adobe Premiere. I have produced several videos with premiere and I am familiar with its interface and features.

The image on the left is an example of a RC movie I am putting together. My bother and I own RC cars and are making a movie of them in action, set to music. You can download the first half of the movie at the bottom of this page along with some other examples of my work.

Video Tools:

Besides powerful tools like Adobe Premiere, often conversion tools are necessary to get a movie into the proper format for editing or distribution. Since I have worked with video production for a while I have come across the need to convert video between formats as well as process captured video so it is ready to be edited.

Some of the major tools I used for these purposes are Virtual Dub for video lossless editing and formatting of captured video, TMPGEnc for conversion from AVI to Mpeg1 or Mpeg2, and Xmpeg (formerly Flask Mpeg) for conversion from Mpeg1 or Mpeg2 to AVI.

Video Codecs:

As mentioned under the multimedia section of my portfolio, I am familiar with the video codecs required for video production to virtually and target platform. This includes Windows AVI and Quicktime codecs. This also includes formats used for the web, streamed or on-demand.

Video Examples:
Amigo Commercial

This video is a mockup for an Izusu Amigo commercial. I grabbed the spinning clip from Izusu's website. Everything else was produced by me, except the music.

RC Movie

This is the first half of an RC movie I have been developing from clips my brother and I have recorded of our RC cars. It's timed out to the U2 song Discotheque.
Space Animation

This is a very simple 3D space animation. My first attempt at creating a 3D animation. It's not too bad considering I have no clue what I was doing.