About Myself

- C++
- Java
- Visual Basic

Website Design
- Site design
- Web graphics
- Multimedia

Video Production

Web Multimedia

Experience | Macromedia Flash | Audio | Video

  • Over 3 years developing multimedia for the web.
  • Tutorial, presentations, and animation developed in Macromedia Flash.
  • Familiar with audio and video technologies designed for web use.
Macromedia Flash:
Tiling Engine

A tutorial written in Macromedia Flash explaining the principles behind a tiling engine.

Flash Presentation This is a group presentation about graphics, Macromedia Flash, and streaming principles behind Flash and other technologies such as Real Player. Unfortunately I'm missing the introduction of the presentation (it was developed in parts).

I am experienced with audio production for the web, including knowledge of virtually every format available as well as their advantages and disadvantages. This includes technologies such as MP3, Real Audio, Ogg Vorbis, Windows Media Audio, Voxware MetaSound, and codecs specific to voice compression such as ACELP and Voxware MetaVoice.


As with audio, I am also very experience in video production for the web. I am familiar with all major applications and codecs including Microsoft Windows Video and Real Video. I'm also familiar with some of the other companies technologies such as VDOnet's video codec and Quicktime codecs.

For distribution via the net (not streaming), I am very knowledgeable on which codecs to use. I am familiar with the new Divx codecs, which were built upon the Mpeg4 Video codec, as well as technologies from RAD Game Tools like Smacker and Bink video codecs.