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- Java
- Visual Basic

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- Web graphics
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Experience | Multimedia | Networking | Graphics

  • Over 2 years experience developing Java applications, Applets, JSP, and Servlets.
  • Experience with multimedia applications in Java include audio, and image manipulation.
  • Familiar with client/server model development utilizing Java.
Download DAM

DAM was my first major Java application. DAM stands for Digital Audio Manager. DAM can play MP3 files. DAM has the usual functions such as volume, panning, EQ, and a playlist. DAM also included a special feature where it can scan your hard drive for your MP3 files and build a searchable database of your music collection. DAM was created as a group project for an object oriented design class. I was in charge of writing the GUI's for the player and EQ as well as the code to handle playing MP3 files and support for volume and panning controls.

Download MJ FTP

MJFTP is a networking application written for an advanced networking class as a group project. The goal was to create our own protocol to handle making an unreliable connection (UDP) reliable, similar to how TCP works.

Our model implemented a light version of what TCP implements. Our server also support any number of clients, providing the ability to upload or download files to and from the server.


SCS is a simple chat program I wrote when first learning how to implement networking with JAVA.

The graphic show an example of the program echoing to itself on localhost.

Web GraphX

Web GraphX is an applet along with some helper servlets that allows a user to upload an image and format it for the web easily. This can be used on sites that require a user to upload an image, but want to govern the size and format of the final image.

Some key features include lossless image processing (all effects are applied to the original image), no hard drive usage on the server until the user saves the final image, and a simple interface requiring the user to place the image so just what they want to save fits within the blue square (your max image size allowed).

Digital image processing is one of the advance topics I took in college. In this class we learned how to process images in Java, including image manipulation and filters. Before this class, I already had experience with image manipulation.

On the left are two examples of some processes we wrote. The first is a brighten filter, the second is a rotation filter.

As a final group project in these class, we were assigned the take of detecting objects within a photo, such as a pencil or a floppy disk.