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Mike Walters

Hi, my name is Mike Walters. I am college graduate with a bachelor's degree in computer science. I am an aspiring entrepreneur, always working on new projects. Over the past 5 years I have been heavily involved in the ever-growing field of computers, learning from both college and a lot on my own. This translates into a vast knowledge of computer hardware and software, which is demonstrated in part by the many examples you will find in my portfolio.

To find out more about any specific area, please select any of the links on the left. Included is the amount of experience, applications I have worked with, and examples of my work.

  • Some of the software downloadable from this site is not in release state. The software may require additional drivers or libraries to be installed, such as database drivers. Some of the Java software may require modification to your system's current settings. Please contact me if you are having any problems running the examples from this site.
  • Some of the software on this site does not include source code. This is either because it is a project developed for a college course and I do not want the source available, or because the application is packaged for release and the source was not included. If necessary, I can send the source code for any project listed in this portfolio, simply contact me as to why you need the source.
  • If you have any problems getting software to run or if you would like to see the source code for a specifc application, please email me at: mcw6@aol.com