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Experience | Console Applications | GUI Applications | Graphical Applications

  • Over 4 years experience developing C++ applications.
  • Developed console, file processing, GUI, and graphical applications.
  • Familiar with IDE's such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Borland C++ Builder
Console Applications:
Download NFS3 Edit

My first and largest attempt at a console application with over 5,500 lines of code. NFS3 Edit is an editor for the cars in the game The Need For Speed 3. I wrote NFS3 Edit over 3 years ago when I started learning C++. I loved the game NFS3 and I wanted to be able to edit the cars in the game. So I figured out the format of the files and wrote an editor for fun. NFS3 Edit introduced me to file processing and text based interfaces.

GUI Applications:
MCW on Hex2Bit

MCW stands for Monitor Calibration Wizard. This is my latest C++ project. This tool allows a user to easily calibrate the colors display by their monitor to scientific perceptional standards. This application required me to learn color theory as well as how to apply the color affect within Windows. This program includes some inovate features include a persistent mode useful within games, something I haven't seen in any other programs available.
Download PM Demo

PM Demo is my first GUI application. PM Demo is short for Preventative Maintenance Demo. This is a mock preventative maintenance application I wrote for a local company. This program was written using Borland C++ Builder and incorporates a Microsoft Access database as a backbone.

* This application needs Microsoft DAO drivers installed on your computer to run. These drivers are installed by programs like Microsft Office. Also, it seems the drivers I used to build this demo don't like Windows XP much.

Graphical Applications:
Download AME

AME stands for Allegro Media Extension. AME is the engine behind a game a group and I developed for a software engineering class. AME provides a simplified interface over Allegro's media functions for graphics, audio, and timing routines. Allegro is a free gaming library, see Allegro.cc for more information. I wrote this engine to make is easy for my group members to code the game since they had no previous experience with multimedia programming, especially using Allegro.

* This is a little out-of-date now, Allegro has changed quite a bit from then.

Download 3D World Builder

3D World Builder was developed as a group project for an advanced class in computer graphics. In this project, our group developed a basic 3D modeling application using OpenGL to render our world. I was in charge of writing the rendering engine that would translate our world in OpenGL for rendering as well as mapping interaction from the 2D and 3D view to objects in our world so they can be manipulated.

Download Game of Life

This is the classic game of life, not the board game. It's a simple pixel game that creates very interesting patterns based off properties that define when a pixel should be born or be killed. Fun to play with and watch. This is my first OpenGL game done as a project for a computer graphics class.