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I created Hex2Bit as a place to distribute my software and demonstrate my talents. Hex2Bit was created back in 1999, when I was releasing my first piece of software NFS3 Edit, a car editor for the game Need For Speed 3. Since then I've developed quite a few projects including some games, tools, and multimedia applications. Throughout this time the focus of Hex2Bit has changed from little hobby programs to professional grade applications. As always, the software I provide are still innovative, unique, and user-friendly.

Michael Walters
A little about myself...

My name is Michael Walters and I have been programming for over 5 years. I have gained much of my knowledge through personal experience, learning much on my own. Over the years I have learned quite a few languages and have solved some very interesting problems. I enjoy the challenge of writing applications on topics I have very little experience with and solving new problems, which explains why I've learned so much. Throughout my development I have gained experience with all aspects of software development, design, development, implementation, maintenance, and support.

Everything I've learned helps me bring innovative ideas to all of my software. Since I spend a lot of time providing technical support for people, I've learned much about what people expect from software and therefore I try to make my applications very user-friendly. In every piece of software I develop, you will see my experience and attention to detail shine throughout.

Although I hold a bachelors degree in computer science, most of the things I know are self-taught. This includes much of what I know about computers, programming languages, multimedia technologies, and web development. I am very dedicated and focused, with a strong work ethic.

For those employers out there:
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