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For those of you who are new to this site I would like to welcome you. The goal of Hex2Bit is provide innovative, friendly, and easy-to-use software. Please take some time to look around and see what I have to offer. Thanks for visiting!

Monitor Calibration Wizard (Current Version):
Monitor Calibration Wizard is an award winning color correction tool to help your monitor look its best. If you haven't tried it yet, go download your free copy now!
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Monitor Calibration Wizard 2 (Still in development):
For those who have visited this site within the last few years, you would have noticed that absolutely nothing had changed within that time! That's right, I hadn't touched this site in just over 3 years! Since July 13, 2004 in fact. I hadn't been answering many emails in that time either... sorry about that. Well, that will soon change.

Three years ago, I told all of you that I was working on version 2 of Monitor Calibration, and even on this day, over three years later, there is still no version 2. No, I have not been working on version 2 all this time. In fact most of my time has gone towards my career and personal life. However, this does not mean that I haven't put effort into the development of version 2.

I'm currently working on my 4th, that's right, 4th iteration of Monitor Calibration Wizard 2. I had scrapped the three previous attempts as none of them had turned out like I wanted. However, now I have had a chance to go through everyone's survey results (Thanks everyone!) and figure out all the technical details that had worried me before. To find out more about the FINAL plans for version 2, check out the updated Monitor Calibration 2 development page.
Monitor Calibration Wizard 2 >>
After a "short" break, 3 years, I have finally managed to update this site! All the updates have to do with version 2 of Monitor Calibration Wizard, so checkout the section on the left and the updated development page for more information.